Amit Kapur

  • Amit Kapur

    Managing Promoter, Vedatya Institute

    Amit is the managing promoter of a services focused educational institute called Vedatya. Since establishing its new campus in the NCR, he is now helping drive the business development initiative and shaping the next phase of institute’s growth that includes understanding the application of artificial intelligence and human psychology towards human learning.

    Before moving back to India in 2006, he complemented his electronics engineering background with a business focused work experience in US. As a chip designer in Intel’s first 64-bit microprocessor team in California, Amit was part of a team that established Intel’s next generation microprocessor architecture as an industry standard. He also had roles in marketing, business development and as an apprentice to a CEO of a mid-cap company during his career in the US.

    Amit holds a Bachelor degree from Arizona State University and a Masters degree from University of Southern California, both in Electronics Engineering. He also holds an MBA from The Wharton School in Philadelphia.