Ananta Barua

  • Ananta Barua

    Executive Director, SEBI

    Mr. Barua has been with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) since 1992 till date. He is currently holding charge of the Investment Management Department - Division of Funds 1, 2 & 3, Debt Markets, Alternative Investment Funds (AIF), Portfolio Management Schemes (PMS), Investment Advisory Services, Mutual Funds, Foreign Institutional Investors and Custodians (FIIC), Collective Investment Schemes (CIS), Parliamentary Affairs and Regional Offices.


    Mr. Barua has been associated with various responsibilities including the development of policy, framing of regulations on securities market. He is also associated with developing the regulatory framework governing the capital market in India (SEBI-1992-2011) and Bahrain Monetary Agency (BMA), Kingdom of Bahrain (BMA/CBB-2004-2006).


    Prior to joining SEBI in 1992, Mr. Barua worked with the Industrial Finance Corporation of India from 1990. He was also the advisor at the Bahrain Monetary Agency (BMA)/ Central Bank of Bahrain between 2004 & 2006.


    Mr. Barua holds Bachelor's degree in Commerce and a Bachelors degree in Law (LLB) both from the University of Delhi. He has also acquired a Diploma in Management from Delhi.