Ashish Agarwal

  • Ashish Agarwal

    Founder & CTO, Solutions Infini

    Ashish Agarwal is the founder and CTO of Solutions Infini Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., one of the largest cloud based enterprise messaging and communications companies in India. At Solutions Infini, Ashish brings to the table 7 years of experience in Web and Server Technologies, Telecommunication Gateway Services and programming across platforms. He also specializes in financial practices, and is also responsible for major financial decisions in the company. From a humbling 5-member team, he along with other has transformed Solutions Infini into one of the leading contenders in this industry segment. He held the reigns of development that eventually led to the launch of 2 of Solutions Infini’s niche products, Dialstreet and InfiNeo.

    Ashish co-founded Solutions Infini in 2007, when he was in his second year under proprietorship. He went on to become an entrepreneur, CTO and CFO in 2009, when Solutions Infini was registered as a company.

    A Graduate in BCA and a Diploma in Marketing and Finance, Ashish’s forte lies in Technology, Cloud Services, Programming, Architecture Planning and Networking. He believes that Desire, Devotion and Determination has led to the success of Solutions Infini and envisions his company to be India’s best business communication solutions provider.