Ashok Jain

  • Ashok Jain

    MD & CEO, Lifespan

    Ashok’s own tribulations with diabetes and those of his various family members caused him to grapple with the question of how control over diabetes could be achieved. His work in the Healthcare field brought him in close contact with doctors, pharma companies, and patients.
    And the crystallization happened.

    An action plan started to take shape. Something that would reach out and check the alarming spread of diabetes, as well as improve the quality of life for diabetics. It had before it, four issues: the increased incidence of prediabetes, the poor doctor-to-diabetics ratio in India, the use of information to bring about change, and the creation of an extensive support system for those affected.

    Ashok had noted the fact that India is among the severely affected countries, and there are now many more people with Prediabetes. This condition, where the blood sugar level is above normal, can't be ignored as long-term damage of the heart and circulatory system could have already begun. Therefore, the country should equip itself better to tackle prediabetes too.

    Secondly, Ashok realised that any solution had to include and mobilise a large number of doctors in order to respond to the magnitude of the situation. Lifespan Clinic has started doing this.

    And to get our society to give more attention to diabetes, Ashok strategically sought the support of a media giant. Lifespan clinic has the support of the Spring Board initiative of the Times of India group to propagate its message of timely action with regard to diabetes.

    An eminent advisory panel of diabetes specialists at Lifespan Clinic ensures it has a strong and constantly updated knowledge base. Ashok has assembled a select management team to strengthen the brand in other functions. They bring a lot of experience in the Healthcare field and have contributed with their knowledge of logistics management, designing for service quality, IT systems and user interfaces, marketing and market research, and have abundant empathy with those affected by diabetes.

    Lifespan Clinic has a clear set of standards to be maintained across locations. Its agenda includes training, educational materials, and the latest patient care procedures including electronic medical records. Ashok has put a special emphasis on support systems. In addition to personal consultation, clients can get help through e-mail, web chat, phone and video-conferencing.

    The mission is to help those with prediabetes to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes, and to help diabetics to keep away its complications, and maintain their productivity and quality of life.