Bhaktha Keshavachar

  • Bhaktha Keshavachar

    Co - founder & CTO, Ezetap Desperate to put "Made in India" on a product designed and manufactured in India, Bhaktha has led the architecture and development of the flagship mobile payment product and platform which enables any merchant, retail or enterprise, to accept payments in all digital forms in a smart way. Ezetap's product crafting involves hardware design, mechanical design (both ID and MD}, firmware development, mobile (and other platforms) app development and server application development. Bhaktha worked for a large microprocessor company for more than a decade before taking the entrepreneurial plunge and co-founding Ezetap. Bhaktha was born and brought up in Bangalore. He studied in a Govt. School till his middle school, was a Josephite during high school and pre-university; and got his degree in engineering from UVCE. He also has a Masters from Arizona State. His main hobby is bare-foot long distance running and occasionally also loves riding his bike on Sunday mornings to de-stress.