Brajesh Mishra

  • Brajesh Mishra

    Co-founder, Varthana

    Brajesh is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Varthana. He firmly believes that the bottom up approach is the only way to address the issues of education in the country and hence it is critical to empower the school owners with the best resources available – access to credit, access to solution providers, access to a global network and access to ideas. His dream is to have Varthana play a pivotal role in the transformation of affordable education in the country.

    Brajesh has around two decades of experience in retail banking and financial services, having worked with one of the largest banks in the country – ICICI Bank. Before co-founding Varthana, he was a member of the founding team at another school finance company, ISFC. Outside of work, Brajesh is into long distance running, reading, music and traveling.