C.R. Chandrasekar

  • C.R. Chandrasekar

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer, FundsIndia.com | @FundsIndia

    Chandrasekar started his career at MicroStrategy, a leading data mining and analytics firm in USA. Later, he moved on to work for Morgan Stanley and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, before starting his own retirement solutions company – ExpertPlan. Currently, ExpertPlan is the number 1 third-party online administrator for retirement solutions in USA. He returned to India in 2003 and started an off-shore software solutions firm, Arrowpoint Technologies, which specializes in financial applications for clients across the globe. After witnessing the dearth of online mutual fund investing platforms, Chandrasekar decided to establish FundsIndia with his close friend, Srikanth Meenakshi.

    Chandrasekar received his Masters degree in Computer Science at the Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia. Through FundsIndia, he aims to educate and empower investors so that they can comprehend and execute the knowledge acquired towards making smart investments.