Dippak Khurana

  • Dippak Khurana

    Co-founder & CEO, Vserv

    As Co-founder and CEO of Vserv, Dippak Khurana is responsible for driving the vision and strategy of the company. Dippak has been at the forefront of desktop and mobile Internet revolution for over eighteen years.

    He spent the initial five years of his career in shaping the future of leading companies that were establishing themselves in the newly found Internet medium. He played a key role in setting up the online entity for India’s  #1 newspaper - The Times of India and India’s 1st online ad network in 1999.

    Post a successful stint in the desktop Internet industry, he moved to the mobile sector in 2001 where he spearheaded and launched multiple market first initiatives. Some of his notable contributions in the mobile domain were launching the core services for Yahoo! India and pioneering mobile Internet portals for telecom operators.

    Dippak possesses a deep understanding of the mobile and Internet industry, an astute business sense and most importantly, an unquenchable ambition for growth. In 2010, he co-founded Vserv, that has grown from a four member team to a 200 member team with a global presence and offices across 11 countries. Today, Vserv is a  leading mobile marketing platform across emerging markets, that delivers smart data led results to marketers, app developers, telcos and data partners.  

    Dippak has also been a speaker and panel host in key international forums like GMIC Beijing & Tokyo, ad:tech, amongst others.

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