Dr. Bindu Rana

  • Dr. Bindu Rana

    Founder and CEO, Millennium Education Management Pvt. Ltd.

    Dr Bindu Rana is the founder and CEO of MEM. She has an illustrious career spanning 30 years in the field of education and has innumerable achievements. She has :

    • Been the architect of the largest private sector Research & Development initiative in the field of education in India.
    • Built path breaking research based teaching and learning methodologies that have brought about a transformational and defining shift in the way curriculum and pedagogic thoughts have evolved in the industry today.
    • Led to the creation of the most valuable research repository of intellectual property, ever created in the history of the education industry in India, across the private and public sector, over the last decade.
    • Been instrumental in conceptualizing and creating more than 800 books ranging from Kindergarten to Grade X, 850 concept- based board games that help children learn all the primary concepts, 1,350 application–based projects connected to real life experiences, 4,000 assessments, a question bank with more than 47,550 questions based on different skills and levels, 25,000 lesson plans, both in the written and graphic forms, online content on Parenting Tips, English language enhancement modules and more than 60 award winning training videos for facilitators.
    • Created thought defining innovations that include the learning methodologies 'Little Millennium', 'Millennium Learning System' 'E-DAC' and 'Scaffolding Learning System' that were created for different socio-economic audiences and contextualised to align with the needs of the learners in modern times.
    • Built a formidable Research and Development team of over 200 exceptionally passionate and motivated individuals and achieved unprecedented benchmarks in productivity, generating one of the largest knowledge banks of educational tools and materials in India.
    • Clocked over 75,000 training man-days guiding teachers with innovative teaching learning and pedagogic strategies.
    • Led one of the largest chains of private schools in India with the overall responsibility for their P&L growth and success outcomes and managed a team of over 2000 people.