Kishore A K

  • Kishore A K

    Founder & CEO, Althea Systems

    Kishore is the co-founder and CEO at Althea Systems. Prior to his ongoing stint as an entrepreneur he used to develop software at EmSyS, Samsung, TrueSpan and SiRF, mostly as a part of multi-location and cross functional product teams. He has represented his company on the working groups of multiple wireless standards. He is an open source enthusiast and enjoys contributing to community development projects.

    He closely follows the advancements in web, mobile, TV, and related technology spaces. He is fascinated by the possibilities of consumer internet technologies.
    At Althea Systems the scope of his work involves just about anything and everything that is required to run an early stage technology startup. The company has successfully launched its first product - Shufflr, for the desktop, web and mobile. Shufflr today has users from more than 50 countries.

    He independently consults with companies as a developer/architect/adviser. In addition, he advises early stage companies on seo, online marketing and social media strategy.