Lalit Sarna

  • Lalit Sarna

    CEO, Oxylabs Networks

    Lalit Sarna calls himself the Chief Janitor (aka startup CEO)  at Oxylabs, where he is responsible for buying samosas and building teams from scratch to create games that have scaled to 20m+ users worldwide. Having worked in the heart of Silicon Valley for over a decade, his core belief is that Indian teams can produce equally high quality products - if not better.

    In addition to building chart topping games, his ninja engineers have built cool stuff like a data backend that has scaled to 5000 queries per second, and an analytics platform that has collected terabytes of data. Their platform can generate games for android, iOs, Facebook, chrome apps etc from a single codebase, and magically enable friends to play with each other across devices and networks. His content rockstars have generated art that speaks for itself - ask Lalit for a demo to see for yourself. What's more, his team regularly kicks his butt at games as they have put in several thousand hours in game play.

    Before starting his janitorial foray in India in 2006, Lalit built several teams and large-scale mobile media creation and distribution platforms that are currently deployed across 10 3G operators worldwide and support over 25M users. As a hardcore geek who dreams of multivariate analytics, simulated economies, 3D shaders and rendering engines, he has also convinced USPTO to grant him a few patents.