Mayur Abhaya Srisrimal

  • Mayur Abhaya Srisrimal

    Executive Director, LifeCell International

    After pursuing his Masters in Science from Northwestern University USA, Mayur Abhaya, the young businessman, decided to take charge of Shasun business which was established a few decades ago. He started his assignment with Shasun in handling Information Security Management and on successful implementation of this he moved on the next layer of automation in leading the ERP implementation. Though he had a science background in his education his outlook always had strong traits of strategic business management, business automation, systems and processes needed for a professional organizational management. His education along with this skill helped Mayur in getting into strategic core areas in Shasun like Intellectual Property Rights, Licensing, new product development etc where contributed to a great extent.

    After setting quality & process standards at Shasun, Mayur was invited by the board of management of LifeCell to take charge as Executive Director of LifeCell International. Mayur is now actively involved in driving the business in total perspective from banking, research to therapy. He has set himself on an ambitious track of putting LifeCell in the international map of stem cell technology and positioning LifeCell as the hub for stem cell solutions worldwide.