Nauzad Munshi

  • Nauzad Munshi

    MD, Love Sugar & Dough

    Nauzad has always been a thorough Bombayite and has been actively involved in his family businesses since the age of 16, dividing time between work and his education. He was always driven by passion accompanying it with a keen eye for technology.

    At 18, he was made Partner in his family’s privately owned textile spinning, twisting and doubling facility at Currey Road, Mumbai. At 25, he joined his other family run textile manufacturing unit at Kurla, Mumbai. A year later he started his own proprietorship firm in parallel to his existing job to cater to the IT needs of his clientele giving them round the clock service.

    Seven years later, at the age of 32, working 16-18 hours a day, with two businesses to attend to, Nauzad quit his family business and moved fully into the IT segment which was his true passion at the time. Moving ahead three years of tireless working with IT, he co-founded Love Sugar & Dough as an investing partner, again along with his current IT business.

    His business partner, Tarannum Merchant then handled the entire operation alone from production to finance. But as the business grew to a sizeable proportion, Nauzad had to finally decide which direction to go ahead with - Computer IT or Confectionery - and he chose the latter - though he still consults his old clients over the phone!

    Three years with Love Sugar & Dough and seven stores in place, the two partners, Tarannum and Nauzad sold 51% stake of Love Sugar & Dough Pvt. Ltd to Specialty Restaurants Ltd. (owners of the Mainland China brand). Now, with the business expansions scaling up to another level, Nauzad is already preparing for new adventures ahead in life!