News Corp VCCircle FinServ 2017

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News Corp VCCircle FinServ 2017
Business Case for Fintech – Value proposition for investors

Presently, financial services are in transformational stage. The financial organizations are grappling with complex global political and economic environment on one hand and changing consumer behaviour, rising technological and entrepreneurial tendencies within India, on the other. This transformation presents both, challenges as well as business opportunities for financial businesses. Hence, we see significant bundling and re-bundling of services between financial organizations, investors, regulators and startups. This arrangement brings out best of all stakeholders – agility and technology of startups; access to large customer base through banks, security through regulators and funding through investors.

Going forward, much more disruptions are expected in the financial services space with newer business models between stakeholders, larger focus on behavioural sciences, increase in customized services such as regulated balance sheets, validation and synchronization of information, data platforms etc. Newer trends will also include automation of services such as wealth advisory, insurance, tax computations and bringing the unbanked population under the banking umbrella.

Looking at the facts above, it is easy to comprehend that while the opportunities will be multi-fold, the challenges will also be many. The issues will largely include regulatory compliance by banks, security of clients, sustainability and scalability of startups and achieving RoI for investors. It indeed will be an ideal business scenario if solutions to these can be found and implemented.

The 5th Annual News Corp VCCircle FinServ 2017 will bring together senior leaders to discuss and find solutions to crucial issues such as investments, newer trends and upcoming innovations.

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Keynote Address: Innovate & Disrupt: Mantra to tap newer markets

Panel Discussion 1: Collaborative approach towards greater businesses: Banks and fintech startups
According to PwC 2016 Global Fintech Survey report, up to 28 per cent of the banking and payments business would be at risk by 2020. The imminent competition to banks’ business comes from the new breed of fintech companies having capacities to address specific pain-points of financial customers such as remittances, credit, wealth advisory and savings services. Therefore tying-up with agile and efficient fintechs can increase revenue margins as well as consumer base for the banks. Challenges lie however with funding of such startups, legacy of technology these banks already carry, regulatory compliance, coping with new talent pool and security concerns. Considering pros and cons, what are banks and fintechs thinking?

Fireside Chat: Future outlook: Shake-up or stabalization?
According to a research report, global venture investment in FinTech grew by 11% to $17.4 billion in 2016  with China leading the race. On the other hand, data suggests that investment in fintech companies in India saw decline in 2016, with just $216 million, compared to $1.6 billion in 2015. Considering that fintech overall continues to garner investor interest but has rationalized in India, how does the future look? Will investment in fintech shoot up or stabilize further?

Special Address:  Technology breakthroughs for better customer experience:Is IOT, Robotics and VR the way forward?
The current need for large banks and NBFC’s is to deliver high-transaction values while adhering to regulations, continuously interacting with consumer and keeping risk lower. Majority of banks understand that inherent client engagement and experience will give digitalization a proper push and considering this, financial organizations are announcing plans to leverage robotics, IoT and other technologies to streamline processes, thus leading to reduced opex and higher efficiencies. Of course, a larger role is being played by startups because of agility and innovations. This panel will showcase the playground for startups to deliver innovative technologies that will ensure RoI to investors and value to financial institutes

Panel Discussion 2: Banking the unbanked: Enabling financial inclusion
In an emerging economy like India, financial inclusion becomes a question of both access to financial products and also the knowledge about their fairness and transparency. The need, therefore, is not just delivery of products but imparting correct information also. For this it is necessary that first, a seamless digital infrastructure is in place through apps and networks and second, formalization of financial services happen. Additionally, acceptance of regulatory body has to be present. This panel will also discuss after-effects of demonetization on financial inclusion and if consumers have accepted digital or migrating back to cash?

Panel Discussion3: Payments: What's next
WhatsApp might introduce peer-to-peer payments in India, its largest market with over 200 million users. Some other players like Truecaller and Facebook have already taken this jump while Hike is in strategy phases. A market previously ruled by PayTm, UPI and traditional banks, the payment space is getting disruptive with each passing day. What’s instore for the near future? How are investors reacting and what are some strategies by entrepreneurs to keep up in the race?

Special presentations: Upcoming trends in:
Capital Market & Wealth Management
Lending Services P2P and corporate Lending
SME Lending
Risk Management & Compliance

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Date: August 17, 2017
Venue: Taj Lands End, Mumbai

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