News Corp VCCircle Food & Agri Investment Summit 2017

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News Corp VCCircle Food & Agri Investment Summit 2017
Food & Agri Investments: A hard nut to crack?

The food and agriculture sector has remained largely on the periphery of the startup space and private investment activity in India despite the sector supporting close to 60% of the population. In the past three years, most entrepreneurial activity and investment has remained focused on consumer-facing food startups and not necessarily farm ventures, which, indeed, are in the dire need of disruption, innovation and committed investments.

While digitization, big data analytics and artificial intelligence are being heavily used in the farm sector in countries such as Israel, China and the US, India has yet to warm up to these ideas.

Over the years, a disproportionate amount of private capital has flowed into food tech ventures such as FreshMenu and Faasos. These ventures, however, were more about tech than food. Also, because of the mushrooming of ‘me-too’ startups in the segment and lack of imaginative ideas, there aren't too many success stories to write home about. In the past 15 months, a lot of funded startups, such as TinyOwl and Eatonomist, shut shop or pivoted because of the absence of a sustainable business model. Even those that have survived, such as Zomato and Swiggy, are far from turning in any profits in the near future.

On the farm front, most entrepreneurial activity and investment has been focused on seed-tech initiatives or in areas such as organic farming, packaged foods, drinks, dairy, food processing, supply chain logistics and farm equipment. Besides these, sundry initiatives have been seen in weather forecasting and the monitoring of soil and farm yields.

It’s only a handful of investors, such as Proterra, Mandala Capital, Pioneering Ventures, Rabo Equity, CX Partners, impact funds like SEAF, Aavishkar; Ankur Capital, Menterra and venture agritech funds like Omnivore Capital, with few exceptions such as Blackstone investing in Nuziveedu Seeds that have taken bets on the sector.
The entrepreneurial and investing community concedes that there is immense scope for disruption in efforts to augment farm yields and to surmount the disparate challenges in the journey from farm to the fork.

Likewise, rising disposable incomes and changing consumer tastes as well as awareness with regards to the quality of food products is throwing a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs, and hence, investors, too, in consumer-facing retail food business.

What is, then, holding investors and entrepreneurs back? Why is everybody aiming for the lowest-hanging fruit? Why, even with that, success is hard to come by? What went wrong with food ecommerce enterprises? What could the government do to inspire more private participation in the sector?

To debate these issues and more, News Corp VCCircle is hosting the 9th edition of the Food and Agriculture Investment Summit in Mumbai in October. The summit will feature leading food entrepreneurs, PE and VC investors, agricultural experts, consultants and food and beverage innovators.

9:00am - 10:00am
Registration & networking

10:00am - 10:15am
Keynote address

10:15am - 11:00am
Panel 1 - Overview of Agri & Food Investments 2017: Is enough capital available for disruption?
After hitting a five-year low in terms of the PE Investment which came in last year, investors remain hopeful to see startups bringing in the scalable ideas from their farm to the table. Private sector investment was on the increase when global and domestic prices of agri-products were on the rise. But now with falling commodity prices, even this is slowing down. With a market size of $260 billion posing as an opportunity, fragmented land resources, large number of small farmer makes accessibility to capital as a challenge. In a largely agrarian economy like India, why aren’t investors interested in becoming a part of the next potential green revolution?

11:00am - 11:15am
Special address - New Frontiers in Food Investments
As investors move on from the food tech and the traditional agribusiness, they see high potential in newer avenues like online milk delivery, food processing and organic farming, all three being a different ball game altogether. Doodhwala and Milk Basket which promise to deliver fresh milk from the farm within 12 hours of placing the order have grabbed the attention of investors as they compete with milk veterans like Mother Dairy and Amul.  Due to higher profit margins compared to non-organic food items, organic farming promises high market potential as it is expected to grow into a $2billion market by 2020. The food processing industry with contributes to 14% of India’s GDP alone has now been allowed 100% FDI which looks to attract investment with the growing consumer spending on food and exports.

11:15am - 11:30am
Networking Break

11:30am - 12:15pm
Panel 2 - Farming as a Service (FAAS)
Disrupting the age old ownership mode, providing technology based services to 85% of the Indian farmers who own less than five acres of land by way of the paper-use model is drawing a lot of interest from the industry. Big wigs such Mahindra & Mahindra, TAFE and John Deere have already started experimenting with a pay-per-use model for their farming equipment including tractors. Will this new service intervention at farming level bring in newer avenues for business? How will it empower farmers with smaller holdings to access best in class technology to improve productivity? Will FAAS be the next big idea in agri services space?

12:15pm - 12:45pm
Fireside Chat: Food-tech & Food Services – Is the model really viable?
The two types of models in the food-tech space that co-exist today are the restaurant aggregator platform and cloud kitchens where the former shows high year-on-year growth rates and the latter set up an ecosystem to build a loyal customer base. By getting the pricing right, a model which is scalable and sustainable with their unit economics working in for them, we are get to see a successful formula in this sector. With the funding squeeze in the last two years, which model will emerge victorious?

12:45pm - 1:45pm
Networking Lunch

1:45 - 2:30pm
Panel 3 - Agri - Tech Innovations: Role of IoT, Big Data & Analytics in bridging the gaps
Emerging agri-tech innovations in big data, IoT, satellite imagery, sensor technology has the potential to add value starting from selecting the right agriculture inputs, monitoring the soil used, market price tracking, weather forecasting and controlling irrigation. Using satellite imagery and remote analysis farmers can increase their productivity and drop their input cost dramatically. Startups such as Cropin and Satsure are using data analytics to integrate satellite, weather and IoT to study the parameters governing crop growth and soil health. What are the latest trends in this space and how is technology being embraced by the agri community?

2:30pm - 3.00pm
Special address: Seamless & Efficient Logistics: The game changer
The supply chain associated with the food sector is going through rapid transformation as there is huge potential in the agriculture input retail as well as output retail at the consumer’s end. We have Agrostar, India Post resolving the agri input retail for the farmers and you have Crofarm, Ninjakart kind of companies building supply chain-based retail models, resolving the other end of supply chain issues. Also, with GST coming in, the sector looks to overcome previous inefficiencies has a huge growth potential. Hence, private investments in the sector have also seen an uptick with Loadshare, Rivigo kind of startups raising big rounds of funding, and are in news for even bigger rounds expected. With a tax friendly environment, will we see some big-ticket investments coming in the fragmented food logistics sector? What does this mean for food and agriculture startups relying heavily on efficient logistics ecosystem?

3:00pm - 3:15pm
Networking break

3:15pm - 4:00pm
Panel 4 - Building indigenous food brands: What goes in?
Home-grown brands such as Bira, Hockey Pockey Ice-creams, Vahdam Teas are competing against established foreign brands which enjoy a heavy market share but within a short period of time have found their footing in an otherwise largely monopolistic market. Is their focus on product differentiation making them look like an attractive investment? What goes into building an indigenous brand?

4:00pm - 4:30pm
Showcase Session

4:30pm - 5:00pm
Special Address - Online Grocery: Next Lever of growth for large e-tailers?
As we see a movement towards omni-channel retailing, the online grocery market is ripe to see innovation. Large Marketplace models such as Flipkart and Amazon having warehouses and logistics arms look to enter this high repeat buying behavior segment to get their share in the customer’s monthly grocery wallet. With diversified operations and business strategies put in place will investors look at funding and creating the marketplace giants in the online grocery space. Will online grocery be the next lever of growth for large horizontal e-tailers?

Abhilash Thirupathi Abhilash Thirupathi Co-founder, Goldfarm
Alekh Sanghera Alekh Sanghera Co-founder, farMart
Amardeep Sibia Amardeep Sibia CEO, SatSure Ltd
Bikram Mahajan Bikram Mahajan Director - Neev Fund, SBICAP Ventures Limited
Hemendra Mathur Hemendra Mathur Venture Partner, Bharat Innovations Fund
Jinesh Shah Jinesh Shah Founding Partner, Omnivore Partners | @OmnivoreAgtech
Kartik Srivatsa Kartik Srivatsa Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Aspada Investment Advisors
Krishna Kumar Krishna Kumar Founder & CEO, CropIn Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd. | @CropInTech
Pablo Erat Pablo Erat Partner, Pioneering Ventures AG
Rajat Gupta Rajat Gupta Founder CEO, Tessol
Ramesh Ramanathan Ramesh Ramanathan Senior Vice President - Strategy and Precision Farming, Mahindra & Mahindra
Ranjith Mukundan Ranjith Mukundan Co-founder & CEO, Stellapps Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Ritu Verma Ritu Verma Co-founder & Managing Partner, Ankur Capital
Rohtash Mal Rohtash Mal Chairman & MD, EM3 Agri Services
S. Venkatraman S. Venkatraman Partner, Rabo Equity Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
Sumer Juneja Sumer Juneja Director, Norwest Venture Partners
Thirukumaran Nagarajan Thirukumaran Nagarajan Co-founder & CEO, Ninjacart
Vipul Mankad Vipul Mankad Managing Director, SEAF India Investment Advisor | @SEAFGlobal
Vivek Nirmal Vivek Nirmal MD & CEO, Prabhat Dairy Pvt. Ltd

Date: October 27, 2017
Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

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