News Corp VCCircle Mergers & Acquisitions Summit 2017

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News Corp VCCircle Mergers & Acquisitions Summit 2017
Are We A Mergers Over Acquisitions Market?

After the rollercoaster ride of 2016 that threw up bumps such as Brexit, Donald Trump’s victory in the US elections and Narendra Modi government’s demonetization drive, the year 2017 began with a big bang with two of the largest telecom companies in India joining hands for one of the largest and most strategic M&A deals in the recent years. Vodafone Group’s merger of Vodafone India with Idea Cellular kicked off the M&A activity in the first quarter that saw inbound deals going up 49% in comparison with the same period last year. The trend, indeed, boosts investor confidence in India as an M&A destination. The prominent sectors, this year so far, have been telecommunications, electronic components, pharmaceuticals, auto-parts and equipment.

Unlike last year where M&A exits superseded Open Market exits, the beginning of 2017 saw an opposite trend.

Moving beyond the headlines, the overarching drift of M&A activity in the recent past has been more about 'mergers' than 'acquisitions'. Year 2016 saw several Indian companies consolidating to add resources, build scale, stabilize and reduce the number of players fighting for the same share of pie as against overseas acquisitions, which haven’t seen much success. With the abolishment of FIPB, Indian government has signaled it will welcome foreign investors with open arms facilitating opportunities for growth and consolidation. In the coming months, as the government rolls out GST and there is more clarity on FDI regulation, not to forget our resilient economy and buoyant capital markets, the rest of 2017 seems promising for investors.

In the wake of this positivity, News Corp VCCircle is presenting its second edition of Mergers & Acquisitions Summit in June 2017, bringing together Corporates, Strategic Acquirers, Private Equity funds, Buyout & Stressed Assets Experts, Legal, tax & Due-Diligence experts under one roof to decode the M&A outlook for 2017 and delve on what it holds in store for businesses, investors and industry in general.

Key topics for discussion:
  • Consolidation at the Top Tier: What it means for Old & New Economy Businesses across sectors.
  • A patchy record of overseas acquisitions: Is string of pearls M&A strategy a better move?
  • Valuations menace: Many large MNCs are selling off their businesses in India and not pursuing any aggressive inorganic expansion. Is valuation to blame for the trend?
  • Strategic M&A vs PE buyouts: What would you pick?

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09.00am - 09.45am
Registrations & Networking

09.45am - 10.45am
Inaugural Panel:  Are We a Mergers Over Acquisitions Market?
Merger & Acquisition activity in India perked up in the year 2016 thanks to a few multi-billion-dollar deals that companies struck either to slash debt or consolidate their market share. The number of M&A deals remained robust with 1,002 deals, with the corresponding deal value of $61.4 billion, hitting a five year high – a jump of 2.6 times in value from 2015. The largest M&A deals of 2016 were the acquisition of Essar Oil Ltd by Rosneft, Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd by HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Reliance & Aircel announcing the merger of their telecom business for $7.3 billion.

Trends indicate that the deal making in recent past has been more about 'mergers' than acquisitions. Deals such as HDFC Life and Max Life, Videocon d2h & Dish TV, Vodafone & Idea indicate companies consolidating to add resources, build scale, stabilize and reduce the number of players fighting for the same share of pie.

  • What does this mean for the deal making in 2017?
  • How will it impact the market leaders in core sectors?
  • What does this consolidation mean for old & new economy businesses?
  • How are regulatory reforms enabling these fast-track mergers?

10.45am – 11.00am
Networking Break

11.00am - 11.50pm
Panel: A patchy record of overseas acquisitions: Is string of pearls M&A strategy a better move?
India’s business czars who made some of the biggest acquisitions in the last decade saw sacrificing their share of money invested in the foreign assets due to lack of business synergies and post integration challenges. But the recent trends suggest a stronger demand for domestic mergers resulting in consolidation within the respective industry. Havell’s acquisition of Lloyds’ in their consumer durables business, which promises double digit growth due to increased urbanization is a recent example reinstating our faith in consolidation among domestic players joining forces to serve the aspirational and expanding middle class. Can the string of pearls strategy support growth while increasing strategic agility and responsiveness to this unpredictable global environment? One and done strategy Vs String of pearls strategy is this the difference in approach between the Old and the New Economy?
While viewing inorganic growth as a portfolio of activities what are the things that organizations have in their mind today?

11.50am - 12.10pm
Spotlight Interviews:
This session brings you an in-depth analysis of sectoral views on M&A activity for year 2017. We bring in the leading M&A experts to give you a view point on the sectors they believe will be movers and shakers for M&A trend in India. Sectors to be covered include: -

  • Information Technology: Social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC)

12.10pm - 12.40pm
Spotlight Interviews:
  • Infrastructure: Renewable Energy, Roads & Highways

12.40pm - 01.40pm
Networking Lunch

01.40pm - 02.10pm
Spotlight Interviews:
  • Healthcare: Pharma & Life Sciences

02.10pm - 02.40pm
Spotlight Interviews:
  • Financial Services: Banking & Insurance

02.40pm - 03.10pm
Spotlight Interviews:
  • Consumer Internet: Ecommerce & OTA

03.10pm - 03.25pm
Networking Break

03.25pm - 03.55pm
Fireside Chat: Strategic M&A vs. PE buyouts
With the tables turned in the favor of PE firms in a deal making process, how are they able
to achieve higher synergies compared to strategic buyers who understand the industry better? PEs are showing a preference for control deals as they believe they have the operational experience to show higher returns and guide outcomes though their implementation strategy and then exit. While India has been a minority growth market, PEs see this as a window of opportunity as the corporate world is over leveraged and promoters pare stakes in the company to cut their debts. What are the advantages that PE firms bring during an investment process allowing them to win competitive auctions over strategic buyers? How do we this emerging in 2017 with the current situation of stressed assets?

Venue: Mumbai

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