Prakash Bakshi

  • Prakash Bakshi

    Chairman, NABARD

    Dr Prakash Bakshi started his professional career as a Lecturer in Economics for Post Graduate Studies at Ravishankar University, Raipur in 1977. He joined ARDC as Agricultural Economist in 1979 and moved over to NABARD when it was formed in 1982. He rose up the ladder and recently superannuated as Chairman of NABARD. During his tenure he handled many assignments for the Govt of India and RBI. He was Member-Secretary of the Committee set up by Government of India (2009) to examine the capital restructuring of Regional Rural Banks (RRBs). He was Member Secretary of the Working Group of the Planning Commission which estimated the credit needs for agricultural sector for the XII Plan. He was Chairman of the Expert Committee appointed by the RBI to revamp cooperative banks. He has recently been appointed by the RBI as member of the Committee on Financial Inclusion of small businesses and low income households. He has advised and spoken at many international forums including advising the Howard Buffet Foundation.