Pranay Gupta

  • Pranay Gupta

    Joint CEO, CIIE

    Pranay Gupta as the Joint CEO at the Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship, Pranay has been leading the IIM Ahmedabad's incubator to become the foremost organisation in early stage incubation in India. He has been instrumental in setting up and scaling various programs at CIIE, including iAccelerator. During his tenure, CIIE has incubated more than 20 startups and has raised funds to the tune of $2mn.

    He is a board observer to more than 10 startups, where he helps them with setting up internal processes, deciding their business startegy, networking, and reaching out to the right kind of people. Apart from helping startups, Pranay enjoys creating opportunities for students to get involved in entrepreneurship - be it through the various courses and projects that CIIE provides to IIM students, or through internships for others.

    Previously, he has worked with Lehman Brothers and Nomura, leading Investment Banks and helped them set up their India equity practice. He has also worked on shorter stints with promoters in a variety of fields including data analysis, luxury adventure tourism and educational magazine.

    He is passionate about building organisations from ground up, and is currently getting his highs through his work with startups and by building CIIE & CIIE Initiatives.