Raj Grover

  • Raj Grover

    The Chief Mentor, Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd

    Raj Grover is a proficient CEO turned entrepreneur with extensive experience across global organizations viz. Nestle, Wrigley’s, HMV and Rupert Murdoch Group. In his illustrious career, he has led multifold growth across India and International markets, built global brands, incubated business, spearheaded financial turnarounds, technology and product innovation.

    Early 2000, Raj realized the growing aspirations of young parents and in alliance with a leading brand co-modeled the concept of affordable-up-market, ‘Boutique International Schools’. Few years later, Raj took another leap of faith, this time in the Low Cost Affordable Schools, demonstrating a whole new opportunity to build high quality, low cost, sustainable schools.

    Both these initiatives, applauded as game changers have created a whole new category and being recognized as the most sought after, scalable models inspiring many entrepreneurs and established brands in the education sector.

    Raj is of the firm belief that, solution to all global issues; economic and social, present and future depends on a responsible and effective schooling system. He is committed to creating a scalable and sustainable model around this. The one, that ‘Breaks the Mold’ and ‘Re-Invent’s’ to prepare students deal with the uncertain challenges, complexities and opportunities of the 2050 era.