Rana Atheya

  • Rana Atheya

    CEO, Dogspot.in

    One needs to have absolute passion and true canine love to take the risk of pursuing a hobby and turning it into a business venture. Mr. Rana Atheya’s love for dogs has served him to establish India’s most visited dog portal, DogSpot.in. As an entrepreneur and a pet lover, Mr. Atheya realized the need of genuine and scientific information about dogs available to the users to make the right decision for their pets. Before setting up the e-commerce division of DogSpot in year 2011, he built a community of pet owners to share experience about pet behaviour. He is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for DogSpot. He leads the expansion of communities and content strategy for the company and manages the development of its core technology and infrastructure. With his vision and technology prowess, Mr. Atheya envisions to make DogSpot a multibillion dollar business in next 5 years. As a leader, he firmly believe that the company’s best assets are the employees and he aims for building a workplace that respects diversity, work life balance, performance and cross group collaboration. He invests in the training, development and recreational activities of the team by offering innovative HR policies. Before founding DogSpot.in, he has performed product management roles at Indiatimes, Ibibo and Aircel. He holds his MBA in Engineering Management from Coventry University, UK. He is actively associated with various support groups that feed stray dogs such as Friendicoes. Apart from his love for pets, Mr. Rana Atheya also takes out time to pursue his hobby of photography.