Rishi Kohli

  • Rishi Kohli

    MD, Monsoon Capital

    Mr. Rishi Kohli is the Managing Director & CEO at ProAlpha Systematic Capital Advisors, the Indian subsidiary of Monsoon Capital USA and is the Chief Investment Officer for all the quantitative investment and hedging products at Monsoon. Rishi has been among the earliest players in the Indian derivatives market since its inception in 2001 and was a pioneer in options strategies and managed futures strategy research in his broking days. At Monsoon, from 2007, he ran the earliest buy-side quantitative Indian hedge fund. He has been a speaker at many global conferences like Quant Invest in Paris (which is the largest global conference for quantitative funds and investors), Hedge Funds Asia in Hong Kong, Quant Invest Asia in Singapore and and presented his Funds at the largest global conference in the managed futures space held by Managed Funds Association in Miami, US. Rishi did his Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, in 1999, and his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management at Lucknow, in 2001.