Robin Moses

  • Robin Moses

    Founder & CEO, Reach Accountant

    Reach Tax’s founder and CEO, Robin Moses, has a nationally recognized name in the tax and accounting world. He is also the founder of , a website which provides tools to create a virtual office for a Tax Professional. In his current tenure, he has started several stunning initiatives in the tax preparation industry. Reach Tax is his initiative to make taxes easy for the small business owners.

    Robin started his first food and distribution business a few months after leaving college at the age of 21. A Chartered Accountant by education he was never happy as an accountant and was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug again in 2005 when he founded Reach Tax a Retail Tax Preparation Company. It eventually did not do too well, but taught Robin about SaaS, Franchising and Online Marketing. Later in 2010, he founded Reach Accountant, A SaaS based next generation accounting software company.