S. Susindran

  • S. Susindran

    Chief Founder, Sabre International

    Mr. Susindran, a first generation entrepreneur, is the Founder, Chairman cum Managing Director of Sabare International Ltd. He hails from a small town named Karur with a vision to build an enterprise which has a global presence.

    Sabare International Limited is a 250 crore home textile company with operations in India, USA and China. It caters to the top retailers of home textiles in USA and Europe which are Fortune 500 companies.

    Mr. Susindran has been successful in evolving an unique business model in home textiles. This model gives complete holistic solution to Fortune 500 Retailers in home textiles from the product to supply chain management. As part of the global strategy, he has started a manufacturing facility and Distribution Centre in USA (Sabare USA Inc.) and operating successfully.

    Mr. Susindran, is a man of visionary with global dreams and his consistent performance and success is a valid proof to the fact that Indian Entrepreneurs/first general entrepreneurs can reach global heights with their in the highly competitive global arena.

    Mr.Susindran has over 18 years experience and possesses immense knowledge about the global textile industry and he who holds his list of ideals to follow and get inspiration out from Dhirubhai Ambani to Mr.Narayanamurthy. He is a Chartered accountant and a Graduate in Law.