R. Sreenivasan

  • R. Sreenivasan

    Co-founder, Career Launcher

    R. Sreenivasan, popularly called Sreeni, is a Co-Founder of Career Launcher (now CL Educate, founded in 1995), one of the largest education corporate of South Asia. He is a well known educationist, sought-after motivational speaker and entrepreneurial mentor, and he travels for about 200 days a year, across the country, facilitating youth, corporate and education leaders, mentors and other co-facilitators. He is an institutional builder. In addition to facilitating lakhs of youth into their dream careers since 1990, Sreeni spearheaded an innovative business school, IWSB, which focused on stoking entrepreneurial leadership. Along with setting up learner-centric schools in the hinterland, Sreeni also championed technology-facilitated education reaching masses since 2001. He is described as a true mascot of CL for his energy and enthusiasm.

    Sreeni is at home with educationists, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs during the day while his evenings are in the spaces of creative and performing arts. He works actively with and advises many a movement in culture - SPIC MACAY, ITIHAAS, Barry John‘s Imago theatre etc. Sreeni is a sought-after photographer among the celebrated dancers of this country. SPANDAN, his month-long Festival of Performing Arts at India Habitat Centre (IHC) is an annual feature in Delhi Culture Calendar. The festival includes a Dance Photography Exhibition, pays tributes to living legends, and culminates with the World Dance Evening promoting the future bright stars of the nation. Sreeni has exhibited world over.

    Sreeni ‘dances’ both in right and left brain arenas and has a serious body of work, having contributed to over a dozen books published – ranging from education, innovation, travel and performing art forms.

    Sreeni is a fitness fanatic with an intense two hour routine every day – cycling, gym, swimming or yoga being integral to it. He enjoys mentoring fitness enthusiasts too. An inspirational book for youth in institutions and corporate - Young Leaders Success Code – published by National HRD Network in 2011 features a chapter – team leadership - dedicated to R.Sreenivasan along with the success stories of ten other young corporate leaders. Sreeni is an alumnus of JNU (MTech) and IIM Bangalore (MBA) with over 23 years of experience in the corporate world that includes TCS and Sony Corp apart from CL in the education world.