Sriram V Iyer

  • Sriram V Iyer

    Co-Founder, United Mobile Apps

    Sriram V Iyer, Co-Founder, United Mobile Apps (UMA) is also the Technology Editor of His interests are Mobile / Wireless technologies (esp LTE) , Mobile Operating Systems and Cloud Computing.  He has a special liking for dynamic programming languages (esp Python) and dabbles in Ruby, F# and Lisp occasionally.

    Sriram was part of the team that had a vision of integrating Mobile and the Cloud as early as 2009. UMA was one of the early adopters of Azure, with their solution ( going live in 2010. It was a unique blend of Open Source Technologies (Glassfish, Java EE) on Microsoft Azure.

    Sriram is also the author of ‘Embedded Realtime Systems Programming’ for Tata McGrawHill and has a couple of patents (pending) in the domain of Wireless Schedulability, Dynamic Programming languages.