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  • Staragri Finance

    StarAgri Finance, a wholly owned subsidiary of Star Agriwarehousing and Collateral Management Limited, is a trusted financial partner to rural India, providing integrated credit services and customized financing solutions for diverse agri-asset and collateral needs. With easy, transparent and affordable access to credit, we enable small and large Indian farmers, farmer groups, agri- and allied businesses to access finance for their agri-business needs.

    StarAgri Finance’s vision is to be a trusted financial partner for India’s agri-community, supporting them across their financial needs and enabling their economic empowerment to create better lives.

    Our core values are:
    1. Integrity
    2. Innovation
    3. Speed
    4. Value Focus
    5. Customer Excellence

    We have emerged as a trusted financial partner in rural India by providing credit and other financial solutions to agri-assets and collateral needs. StarAgri Finance is registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC).
    As a NBFC, StarAgri Finance is committed to demonstrate that everyone in the agricultural value chain can access credit in an integrity-led and profitable way.

    Our offerings and solutions include:
      • Finance against agri-assets like land and crops
      • Finance for agri-equipment, machinery and tools
      • Working capital for agri-farms or businesses
      • Semi-urban and rural loan against properties

    We customize our products based on specific needs and insights. Led by a team of experienced finance professionals, the lending decisions are made through data-driven eligibility metrics so that farmers with earning potential can invest in unprecedented growth.

    The philosophy behind is to provide financial inclusion by enabling wider access to rural credit, ethically and responsibly. They are committed to help agri-communities from unorganized local money markets and encourage ethical practices in lending, equipping rural India with the confidence and resources to make informed financial decisions.

    The issue is, a large number of farmers and agri-players currently borrow at usurious rates of interest from unorganized moneylenders. By bringing a significant number of Indian farmers into the financial system through organized credit disbursal, the company aims to serve the country’s need to create financial inclusion with priority sector lending.

    The company is trying to insulate India’s agri-community from harsh financial practices and preventing them from being burdened by debt and are committed to empowering agri-communities to achieve their goals by enhancing their financial capabilities.

    At StarAgri Finance, we understand that access to affordable finance to enhance farm productivity can change the financial future of a farmer household. Our lending strategy aims to ensure that the financial security of rural India is protected while offering specialized credit solutions at the best possible rates.