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News Corp VCCircle
Food & Agri Investment Summit 2016
Ascertaining growth drivers for Food, Agri & Consumer businesses

Food processing, food apps services, packaged and fresh food market were cynosure of startup industry, until at least mid of 2015. The startup industry extended same bonhomie to mushrooming food chains and agricultural businesses consisting of but not limited to organic farming, packaging, dairy transferring, weather forecasting, soil analysis and related businesses. Not surprisingly, Investors also believed in business viability of these ideas. Food and agricultural are after all businesses with perpetual demand.

The net result was heavy and, as it later turned out, indiscriminate investment in the Food and Agricultural startups. While some of the investment flew to correct channels, soon the market was under deluge of “me too” inventions, competing for abundant money.

Understandably, the market required a self-correction mode, which came in latter half of 2015. With almost 146 startups receiving investment in tune of $1034 mn in 2015, the deal values even in the second half of 2016 are still to reach half mark compared to what were attained a year earlier. Factors like too many start-ups, too few original ideas, too many free dollies, too much under-pricing and too many bleeding account sheets lead to successfully strip investors off their former confidence and hopes. The investor of 2016 is a cautious, careful and calculating lot.

Industry stakeholders agree that with a vast market such as India, the scope for both entrepreneurial activity and scaling-up is huge.

So what are the factors that will drive growth in food and agri sector and bring the investor optimism back? The situation today requires startups to re-think their business and scale-up strategies before visiting investors. It is also required from VC and PE’s to realign their evaluation processes with different phase of entrepreneurial ventures.

With this purview, News Corp VCCircle is delighted to present the 8th edition of Food & Agri Investment Summit focusing on drivers for the food, agri and consumer business. The summit will feature the leading food entrepreneurs, PE & VC investors, agri experts, consultants and new age food and beverage innovators.

08:30AM - 09:45AM

09:45AM - 10:00AM
Opening Remarks: Gaurav Roy - Head-Business, VCCEdge

10:00AM - 10:15AM
Keynote Address: Investment Outlook for Food & Agri Businesses in 2016
The food and agri industry has caught the interests of investors which is manifested in a steady resurgence of investment activity. Against this backdrop, the session will discuss views of investors (PE & Strategic) and the ones seeking funds. Further, what are views of the private equity community pertaining to quality of assets, investment thesis, growth & return expectations and market challenges?

Angshuman Bhattacharya - Managing Director, Alvarez and Marsal

10:15AM - 11:05AM
Panel Discussion I: Packaged foods - Where do the Investment Opportunities Lie?
The processed food segment, presently at USD 45 billion and growing at 15%+, is opening up huge opportunities for investment across the value chain from farm to fork. Few growth drivers for this segment are increasing distribution reach of multiple categories, rising penetration of organized retail, changing urban lifestyle and increasing preference for convenient & hygienic food options. While multiple packaged food companies across sectors are seeking investment, how feasible is it to develop food brands in India and where do the opportunities lie?

Prabir Talati - Director, Actis
Srini Vudayagiri - Partner, Peepul Capital
Vinod Giri - Director - PE, IDFC Alternatives
Amit Jain - Managing Director, Blackstone Advisors India Private Ltd
Aditya Joshi - Principal, Apax Partners
Rahul Garg - Partner and Co-Head, India PE, Premji Invest
Nandini Chopra - Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal (Moderator)

11:05AM - 11:10AM
Room Wide Discussion

11:10AM - 11:25AM
Networking Break

11:25AM - 12:15PM
Panel Discussion II: Scaling up Food Businesses in India – From a Promoter and a Private Equity’s Perspective
Indian Food Businesses have largely grown profitably while operating at a regional level but have faced challenges in scaling up. Competition from international & other regional players, changing consumer expectations and capital constraints are some key issues that the businesses face. Irrespective of all the headwinds, few promoters have shown phenomenal growth and have used Private Equity as a growth catalyst. Joining this panel would be successful food promoters who have professionalized their businesses and leading private equity players backing food, beverage and consumer businesses in India.

Viraj Bahl - Founder & Managing Director, Veeba Food Services Pvt. Ltd.
Nikhil Sen - Managing Director, Unibic Biscuits
Sadananda Maiya - Founder & Managing Director, Maiyas Beverages and Foods Pvt. Ltd.
A. Mahendran - Chairman & Manging Director, Global Beverages & Foods Pvt Ltd
Rakesh Sony - Director, Proterra Investment Advisors India Pvt. Ltd.
Angshuman Bhattacharya - Managing Director, Alvarez and Marsal (Moderator)

12:15PM - 12:20PM
Room Wide Discussion

12:20PM - 01:10PM
Panel Discussion III: Food Services - Maintaining Growth and Maximizing Returns
Food services industry has been witnessing a phase of subdued growth, primarily driven by waning same store sales. In this context, the session aims to discuss the views of the various stakeholders - investors, promoters and franchisees, on a host of matters such as issues driving the tepid growth, successful store formats & need for rationalization, digital marketing & returns potential, scalable back-end model (central kitchen vs procurement) and the way forward for the food services industry.

Riyaaz Amlani - CEO & Managing Director, Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Tarun Khanna - Partner, CX Partners
Lokesh Bharwani - Founder, Mad Over Donuts
Murali Parna - CEO, Sagar Ratna Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.
Bhavna Thakur -Managing Director, Capital Markets, Everstone Capital
Srishti Ojha - Founding Partner, Verist Law
Sonal Shah - Executive director, SMC Capitals Ltd. (Moderator)

01:10PM - 01:15PM
Room Wide Discussion

01:15PM - 02:00PM
Networking Lunch

02:00PM - 02:45PM
Panel Discussion IV: Investment Outlook 2016 for Agribusiness - Making Business More Investment Friendly
Over the years, agribusinesses witnessed investor interest towards businesses around various sectors such as hybrid seeds, agro-chemicals, agri-warehousing, agri-finance, agri-tech, farm equipment, organic farming and disruptive technologies including precision farming, drip irrigation, soil testing, weather apps, besides other. A lot of these businesses made sense at a certain scale and faced challenges while scaling up. How can agribusinesses be more investment ready? Will we see a larger PE play in emerging businesses? How are investors looking at the Agribusiness opportunities?

Jinesh Shah - Founding Partner, Omnivore Partners
Manish Mehta - Managing Director, Samara Capital
Mragank Jain - ‎Director, Standard Chartered Private Equity
Michael Andrade - Head Agri Finance, HDFC Bank
Raj Ganguly - Senior Agribusiness Specialist - Food and Agriculture Global Practice, World Bank Group
Rajesh Srivastava - Chairman & Managing Director, Rabo Equity Advisors Pvt. Ltd. (Moderator)

02:45PM - 2:50PM
Room Wide Discussion

02:50PM - 03:15PM
Q&A Session: Cold Chain Development- How the Food and Agri-value chain is Evolving
India, for decades has been a country with a complex retail environment. With the absence of cold infrastructure, firms have always developed their business models towards ambient long shelf life products. However, trends such as chiller and freezer viability, retail refrigeration and an overall upgradation in product quality has led to successful adoption of cold chain- how would this alter the future thinking around inbound and outbound distribution?

Mangesh Pathak - Partner, Ambit Pragma Ventures
Gaurav Jain - Managing Director, ColdEX
Tarun Arora - Director Finance & Operations - IG International Pvt. Ltd.
Prasad.P - Group Executive Vice President, Food and Agribusiness Strategic Advisory and Research - YES Bank (Moderator)

03:15PM - 03:30PM
Networking Break

03:30PM - 04:15PM
Panel Discussion V: Path Breaking New Age Companies Pitted Against the Traditional Incumbents
Some new age companies are pitting against the already existing food giants and making it big. How did they manage the break-in? What worked in favor and going forward, what are some learnings that an entreprenuers should be watchful about.

Rohan Mirchandani - Co-founder, Drums Food International Pvt. Ltd.
Anuj Rakyan - Managing Director, Raw Pressery
Jasmine Kaur - CEO, The Green Snack Co.
Prashant Parameswaran - ‎Managing Director, Kottaram Agro Foods Pvt Ltd
Kingshuk Basu - CEO, Conscious Food Pvt. Ltd.
Abhay Pandey - Managing Director, Sequoia Capital (Moderator)

04:15PM - 04:20PM
Room Wide Discussion

04:20PM - 04:55PM
Panel Discussion VI: Evolution of the Food Space & Emerging Opportunities - VC's Lens

Abhishek Sharman - Founder & Managing Director, Carpediem Capital Partners
Sumer Juneja - Director, Norwest Venture Partners
Sarath Naru - Managing Partner, Ventureast
Hemendra Mathur - Venture Capital Investor (Moderator)

04:55PM - 05:00PM
Room Wide Discussion

05:00PM - 05:15PM
Special Address: Key Challenges in Agri Value Chain

Krishanu Chakravarty - CEO, Farmers Fortune India Pvt. Ltd.

05:15PM onwards
VCCircle Unwind
This session will provide more networking time with entrepreneurs and investors over cocktails.

Abhishek Sharman Abhishek Sharman Founder & Managing Director, Carpediem Advisors Private Limited
Abhay Pandey Abhay Pandey Managing Director, Sequoia Capital India
Aditya Joshi Aditya Joshi Principal, Apax Partners
Amit Jain Amit Jain Managing Director - Private Equity, Blackstone Advisors India Private Ltd
Angshuman Bhattacharya Angshuman Bhattacharya Managing Director, Alvarez and Marsal
Anuj Rakyan Anuj Rakyan MD, Raw Pressery | @RawPressery
A Mahendran A Mahendran CMD, Global Beverages & Foods Pvt Ltd
Bhavna Thakur Bhavna Thakur Managing Director, Capital Markets, Everstone Capital
Gaurav Jain Gaurav Jain Managing Director, ColdEX
Hemendra Mathur Hemendra Mathur Venture Partner, Bharat Innovations Fund | @bharat_fund
Jasmine Kaur Jasmine Kaur CEO, The Green Snack Co.
Jinesh Shah Jinesh Shah Founding Partner, Omnivore Partners | @OmnivoreFund
Kingshuk Basu Kingshuk Basu CEO, Conscious Food Pvt. Ltd.
Krishanu Chakravarty Krishanu Chakravarty CEO, Farmers Fortune India Pvt. Ltd.
Lokesh Bharwani Lokesh Bharwani Founder, Mad Over Donuts
Mangesh Pathak Mangesh Pathak Partner, Ambit Pragma Advisors LLP
Manish Mehta Manish Mehta Managing Director, Samara Capital
Michael Andrade Michael Andrade Head Agri Finance, HDFC Bank
Mragank Jain Mragank Jain Director, Standard Chartered Private Equity
Murali Parna Murali Parna CEO, Sagar Ratna Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.
Nandini Chopra Nandini Chopra Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal
Nikhil Sen Nikhil Sen Managing Director, Unibic Biscuits
Prabir Talati Prabir Talati Director, Actis
Prasad.P Prasad.P Group Executive Vice President, Food and Agribusiness Strategic Advisory and Research, YES Bank
Prashant Parameswaran Prashant Parameswaran Managing Director, Kottaram Agro Foods Pvt Ltd
Rahul Garg Rahul Garg Co-Head, India PE, Premji Invest
Raj Ganguly Raj Ganguly Senior Agribusiness Specialist - Food and Agriculture Global Practice, World Bank Group
Rajesh Srivastava Rajesh Srivastava Chairman & Managing Director, Rabo Equity Advisors Pvt Ltd
Rakesh Sony Rakesh Sony Director, Proterra Investment Advisors India Pvt. Ltd.
Riyaaz Amlani Riyaaz Amlani CEO & Managing Director, Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Rohan Mirchandani Rohan Mirchandani Co-founder, Drums Food International Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. Sadananda Maiya Dr. Sadananda Maiya Founder & MD, Maiyas Beverages and Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Sarath Naru Sarath Naru Managing Partner, Ventureast
Sonal Shah Sonal Shah Executive Director , SMC Capitals Ltd
Srishti Ojha Srishti Ojha Founding Partner, Verist Law
Srini Vudayagiri Srini Vudayagiri Partner, Peepul Capita​l​
Sumer Juneja Sumer Juneja Director, Norwest Venture Partners | @NorwestVP
Tarun Arora Tarun Arora Director Finance & Operations, IG International Pvt. Ltd.
Tarun Khanna Tarun Khanna Partner, CX Partners
Vinod Giri Vinod Giri Director - PE, IDFC Alternatives
Viraj Bahl Viraj Bahl Founder & Managing Director, Veeba Food Services Pvt Ltd

Date : 25th October
Address : Taj Lands End, Mumbai
Byramji Jeejeebhoy Road, Band Stand, Bandra West,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

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