VCCircle Healthcare Investment Summit 2016

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Healthcare Summit 2016
Growth in Indian Healthcare - Where do the investment opportunities lie

India encompasses around 16% of the world’s population and accounts for 21% of the worldwide burden of disease. It is no surprise then, that healthcare accounts for approximately 4.2% of national GDP and the total spending in healthcare is projected to rise at over 12% annually, to an estimated $140 billion in 2018.

However, despite multiple initiatives and increased spending’s by the government, larger masses in India even today are devoid of timely, quality and standardized healthcare.

Startups see a huge opportunity in this demand and supply gap, both as social cause and a business case. No wonder, the healthcare industry saw 95 startup deals with investment of $281 Million from january 2015 to till date. While till now, approach by startups has been more customer centric and focused to felicitate doctor appointments, efficient information management system and online pharmacies; trend suggests that future will see models in corporate tie-ups, medtech and virtual diagnostic & preventive care.

However, there are also set of challenges that hinder growth of startups. Investment and technology are foremost. Understandably, with the large number of start-ups coming up every day, how does the investor distinguish and recognize the ones with the true potential? Also, how to make sure that technology enables affordable and reliable access? Further, how can startups work on sustainable scaling of existing successful business models? How to bridge the skills gap that is a major crisis for the healthcare industry in general? And finally, despite so many companies being successful, why do only a handful of Indian players expand globally? Such and many more of these questions will be answered at the VCCircle Healthcare Summit 2016

8:30AM -9:45AM

09:45AM - 10:00AM
Opening Remarks: Nita Kapoor, Head, India - New Ventures, News Corp (VCCircle)

10:00AM - 10:10AM
Welcome Address: Sumit Nadgir, Director, India Value Fund Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

10:10AM - 10:15AM
Launch of Industry report : Alvarez & Marsal

10:15AM - 11:00AM
Inaugural panel: The Indian healthcare industry: Where is value creation happening?
Investments in healthcare have shown steady growth over the past few years. The number of deals and the deal size has grown significantly in pharmaceuticals and healthcare delivery space. Lately, there is a shift towards niche offerings such as single specialty formats, health tech, wearable’s and diagnostics. What will be the new frontiers that will be attracting investor interest in this sector?

Vishal Bali, Chairman, Medwell Ventures & Senior Advisor - Healthcare and Asia Head- Healthcare, TPG Capital
Aditya Sharma, Sr. Partner, Unitus Seed Fund
Sumit Nadgir, Director, India Value Fund Advisors Pvt. Ltd
Samonnoi Banerjee, Principal, Bain Capital
Vikram Utamsingh, Co-Head India & MD -Transactions Advisory Group, Alvarez & Marsal (Moderator)

11:00AM - 11:10AM
Roomwide discussion

11:10AM - 11:25AM
Networking break

11:25AM - 11:50AM
Special address on 'Trends and opportunities in emerging markets healthcare: an investor's perspective' by Chinta Bhagat, Executive Director, Khazanah Nasional Berhad

11:50AM - 12:35PM
Panel Discussion 2: Building customer- centric healthcare delivery model for a billion people: Levers for sustainable growth
An overview of current trends of the healthcare industry and how innovative business models, products and services are impacting its reach, efficiency, delivery, growth and progress in India

Velumani Arokiaswamy, CEO, Thyrocare
Vivek Desai, Founder & MD, Hosmac India Pvt Ltd
Kiran Anandampillai, Founder & CEO, Drishti
Prashant Jain, Director, o3 Capital
Om Manchanda, CEO, Dr Lal PathLabs (Moderator)

12:35PM - 12:45PM
Roomwide discussion

12:45PM - 1:45PM
Networking Lunch

1:45PM - 2:30PM
Reverse Pitch: Sectors that investors are closely watching

1:45PM - 2:00PM
Niche opportunities in healthcare investments
Right from single speciality, alternative medicines to diagnostics-at-home, the healthcare market is full of emerging trends. With a huge underserved population, there are multiple niche opportunities that are open for investments. What are some of these that investors are optimistic about? What constitutes as ROI and can some practices be geo-cloned from outside of India?

Tarun Sharma, MD, NEA

2:00PM - 2:15PM
Consumer - centric business models in healthcare
Current tech disruptions in healthcare are majorly consumer-centric offerings - services from online pharmacies, visual aids to booking an appointment with doctor. However, are start-ups planning to go beyond aggregator models and include back end services like ambulatory, paramedical, secondary & tertiary care as well?  This would require acquiring new capabilities, adapting established channels & practices as well as experimenting with new business models for which all its stakeholders - hospitals, practitioners, pharma companies, and insurance companies will need to work together. Looking at the scale of collaboration this would require, will startups venture into backend services? What are the healthcare models that attract investors?

Ramesh B Byrapaneni, MD, Endiya Partners

2:15PM - 2:30PM
Telemedicine - tool for inclusive healthcare
Healthcare industry has been discussing the role of telemedicine since past few years now. However, the reach or the impact through telemedicine is limited especially in India. While few argue that telemedicine is the way of future, what do the investors think?

Prem Pavoor, Partner, Eight Roads Ventures

2:30PM - 3:30PM
Panel Discussion 3: Single speciality space: Opportunities and challenges
Single specialty hospitals and clinics market in India has been witnessing double digit growth rates over the last few years and can be predicted as changing the facade of the healthcare sector in the coming years. The past few years have witnessed a growing interest from investors prompting both mature players and new organizations starting such facilities in India. What is attracting them to this segment and what can go wrong while investing or starting out a single speciality unit. We will hear it from industry stalwarts about how to seize an opportunity of this boom.

Mahipal Sachdev, CMD, Centre for Sight
Vikram Vora, CEO, Mydentist
Dr. Bhupendra S. Avasthi, Co- founder & MD, Surya Mother & Childcare
Nitish Agrawal, MD, Indium Capital
Ajai Kumar, Chairman & CEO, HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd.
Rohit MA, MD, Cloudnine Hospitals
Sohil Chand, MD, Norwest Venture Partners (Moderator)

3:30PM - 3:40PM
Room wide discussion

3:40PM - 3:55PM
Networking break

3:55PM - 4:35PM
Panel 4: Secrets of success and future of tertiary care
Multiple investors from past couple of years has been tertiary care, more so in the regional areas with multi-speciality ambit. What are the learning's that can be derived from ventures which exceeded expectations and what is the future of investments in tertiary space?

Anupam Verma, President, Wockhardt Hospitals
Madhur Verma, MD, Sahyadri hospitals Ltd
Monika Sood, Co-founder and Partner, Arete Advisors LLP
Vamesh Chovatia, Partner, Tata Capital Healthcare Fund (Moderator)

4:35PM - 4:45PM
Roomwide discussion

4:45PM - 5:15PM
Showcase Session - Healthcare startups
A platform curated for few innovative companies in the healthcare space to showcase and present their ideas, solutions or business models to relevant audience.

Jury Members
Aditya Sharma, Sr. Partner, Unitus Capital
Ramesh B Byrapaneni, MD, Endiya Partners
Tarun Sharma, MD, NEA

5:15PM onwards
VCCircle Unwind
This session will provide more networking time with entrepreneurs and investors over cocktails.

Day 2
9:45AM - 10:05AM
Special address on 'Healthcare and the Indian consumer – ill-informed and under prepared' by Manish Shah - Co-founder and CEO,

10:05AM - 10:50AM
Panel 1: Affordability, Accessibility, Awareness and Availability – Impact of the 4As on the evolution of healthcare in India
The universal and most important goal for the healthcare industry in India right now is to provide healthcare to its billion .This can be made possible by ensuring that the 4 As mentioned are achieved. It will take the government, corporate players, insurance sector, healthcare investors and practitioners to work together to ensure the same becomes a reality. Our panelists include stalwarts from each of these arms of the industry and will help us understand how each are working towards this goal with focus on insurance, corporate ideation, role of trust, transparency & medical ethics.

Dhruv Suyamprakasam, Founder & CEO, iCliniq
Arjun Rao, Founder & CEO, Syncremedies Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Amit Gupta, COO, Jupiter Capital
Ratan Jalan, Founder & Principal Consultant, Medium Healthcare Consulting
Mukesh Sharma, Co-founder and MD, Menterra Venture Advisors Private Limited
Kaustav Ganguli, Senior Director, Alvarez & Marsal (Moderator)

10:50PM - 11:00PM
Roomwide discussion

11:00AM - 11:15AM
Networking Break

11:15AM - 12:00PM
Panel 2: Is consolidation & diversification the way forward for mature healthcare players?
Mature healthcare companies are looking at new business models to expand their horizon. Decision makers from large healthcare firms will discuss what their strategies are for future expansion and how technology will play an important role in their strategy.

Shantanu Rastogi, Principal, General Atlantic
Sanjeev Vashishta, CEO, SRL Ltd.
Raghav Ramdev, Director, ChrysCapital Advisors LLP
Ratan Jalan, Founder & Principal Consultant, Medium Healthcare Consulting
Siddharth Dhondiyal, MD, IVFA (Moderator)

12:00PM - 12:10PM
Room wide discussion

12:10PM -1:10PM
Talks: Innovation & Trends to watch out for in 2016 - 2017
These will be brief presentations on upcoming innovations, trends in diagnostics and service delivery models that will shape the healthcare industry in the coming year.

Diagnostic Healthcare
Door step sample collections, x-rays, scans, sharing of documents online across geographies; innovation has opening new avenues to connect patients with doctors. What will be some future innovations that will bring healthcare within reach of every citizen?

Sanjeev Vashishta, CEO, SRL Ltd.

Healthcare Delivery
Innovation is not restricted to preventive healthcare & diagnostics alone but also in the way services are being delivered to patients/consumers. With hospitals, clinics and practitioners themselves looking at a whole new way of imparting their services, we will hear from an expert about the way forward for this sector.

Pradeep Dadha, CEO and founder,

Leveraging data: Identifying & targeting customers
In times when healthcare units are full of data - clinical and otherwise, how can startups make sense of this resource and leverage it to increase their customer base. Further, how can these services be used to deliver healthcare at home to those in need

Vikram Kumar, Founder & CEO, Multiplier Solutions

Innovation in pharma: R&D, delivery chains & investments
The Indian pharmaceutical industry is one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world. Since 2000, the drugs and pharma sector has attracted one of the highest foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows of approximately $12,689 million and investors continue to visit this industry for high returns and low risk. Considering the bright outlook, start-ups are entering the value chain with technologies disrupting R&D and delivery formats. There are also set of challenges like IPR, CL's, pricings, adherence to regulations etc. What are some challenges faced by start-ups? What are investors sentiments?

Chandru Chawla, Head - Corporate Strategy and New Ventures, Cipla Ltd

1:10PM – 2:00PM
Networking Lunch

2:00PM - 2:40PM
Panel 3: Smart hospitals: What will hospitals of future look like?
Patient-centricity is slowly gaining prominence in Indian healthcare giving rise to hospitals that are not only state-of-the-art health care facilities that satisfy the needs of patients today but also envision the trends in future. Smart hospitals mean innovation not only in design but also patient care and treatment. Considering what is latest technological advancement today will  be obsolete in the near future, how are hospitals and healthcare facilities gearing up to keep up with this dynamism?

Milind Godbole, MD, GeBBS Healthcare
Gautam Khanna, CEO, Hinduja Hospitals
Karthik Narayanaswamy, Co-Founder and Executive Director, SeaLink Capital Partners
Vijay Nallan Chakravarthi, Executive Director, Investments, Standard Chartered Private Equity (Moderator)

2:40PM - 2:50PM
Room wide discussion

2:50PM – 3:25PM
Panel 4: Healthcare Analytics: The net game-changer for the Indian healthcare industry
Corporatization of the Indian healthcare industry over the last few decades has led to the emergence of many national and regional private healthcare chains. These private players are largely concentrated in urban areas and there is greater competition amongst the private players on clinical equality, branding and pricing of services. In such an intensely competitive environment, is the future leadership contingent upon the organization's ability to leverage healthcare analytics?

Ravi Gaur, MD & COO, Oncquest Labs Ltd
Kanav Kahol, Founder, Swasthya Slate
Rahul Garg, Director, Medsurg Business, Boston Scientific
Mihir Shah, MD & Founder, UE LifeSciences Inc

3:25PM - 3:35PM
Roomwide discussion

3:35PM onwards
Tea & Networking

Aditya Sharma Aditya Sharma Senior Partner, Unitus Seed Fund | @UnitusSeedFund
Amit Gupta Amit Gupta COO, Jupiter Capital Ventures Inc
Anupam Verma Anupam Verma President, Wockhardt Hospitals | @WockhardtHosp
BS Ajai Kumar BS Ajai Kumar Chairman & CEO, HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd. | @HealthcareGlbl
Dr. Arjun Rao Dr. Arjun Rao Founder & CEO, Syncremedies Healthcare Pvt Ltd | @arjuncrao
Dr. Bhupendra S. Avasthi Dr. Bhupendra S. Avasthi Founder & Managing Director, Surya Mother & Childcare
Chandru Chawla Chandru Chawla Head - Corporate Strategy and New Ventures, Cipla Ltd | @Cipla_Global
Chinta Bhagat Chinta Bhagat Executive Director, Khazanah Nasional Berhad
Dhruv Suyamprakasam Dhruv Suyamprakasam Founder & CEO, iCliniq | @icliniq
Gautam Khanna Gautam Khanna CEO, Hinduja Hospital | @hindujagroup
Karthik Narayanaswamy Karthik Narayanaswamy Co-Founder and Executive Director, SeaLink Capital Partners | @sealinkcapital
Kaustav Ganguli Kaustav Ganguli Senior Director, Alvarez & Marsal | @alvarezmarsal
Dr. Kanav Kahol Dr. Kanav Kahol Founder, Swasthya Slate
Kiran Anandampillai Kiran Anandampillai Founder and CEO, Drishti
Madhur Varma Madhur Varma CEO, Sahyadri hospitals Ltd | @shlpune
Manish Shah Manish Shah Co-founder and CEO, | @bigdecisionscom
Milind Godbole Milind Godbole MD, GeBBS Healthcare Solutions | @gebbshealthcare
Monika Sood Monika Sood Co-founder & Partner, Arete Advisors LLP | @AreteAdvisors
Mukesh Sharma Mukesh Sharma Co-founder and MD, Menterra Venture Advisors Private Limited
Dr.Mahipal S. Sachdev Dr.Mahipal S. Sachdev Chairman and Medical Director, Center for Sight | @CentreforSight
Nitish Agrawal Nitish Agrawal Managing Director, Indium Capital
Om Manchanda Om Manchanda CEO, Dr Lal PathLabs | @lalpathlabs
Pradeep Dadha Pradeep Dadha CEO and Founder, | @NetMeds
Prashant Jain Prashant Jain Director, o3 Capital | @o3capital
Prem Pavoor Prem Pavoor Partner, Eight Roads | @8roadsventures
Dr. Ramesh B Byrapaneni Dr. Ramesh B Byrapaneni Managing Director, Endiya Partners | @EndiyaVC
Dr. Ravi Gaur Dr. Ravi Gaur MD & COO, Oncquest Laboratories Ltd | @oncquest_lab
Raghav Ramdev Raghav Ramdev Director, ChrysCapital Inv. Advisors Pvt. Ltd
Rohit MA Rohit MA Managing Director, Cloudnine Hospitals | @CloudnineCare
Ratan Jalan Ratan Jalan Founder & Principal Consultant, Medium Healthcare Consulting
Samonnoi Banerjee Samonnoi Banerjee Principal, Bain Capital | @BainCapital
Sanjeev Vashishta Sanjeev Vashishta CEO, SRL Ltd. | @srlcare
Shantanu Rastogi Shantanu Rastogi Principal, General Atlantic Pvt. Ltd. | @generalatlantic
Siddharth Dhondiyal Siddharth Dhondiyal MD, India Value Fund Advisors
Sohil Chand Sohil Chand MD, Norwest Venture Partners | @NorwestVP
Sumit Nadgir Sumit Nadgir Director, India Value Fund Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
Tarun Sharma Tarun Sharma Managing Director, NEA
Velumani Arokiaswamy Velumani Arokiaswamy Promoter, CMD & CEO, Thyrocare
Vamesh Chovatia Vamesh Chovatia Partner, Tata Capital Healthcare Fund
Vijay Nallan Chakravarthi Vijay Nallan Chakravarthi Executive Director, Investments, Standard Chartered Private Equity | @StanChart
Vikram Kumar Vikram Kumar Founder & CEO, Multiplier Solutions
Vikram Utamsingh Vikram Utamsingh Co-Head India & MD -Transactions Advisory Group, Alvarez & Marsal | @alvarezmarsal
Vikram Vora Vikram Vora CEO, Mydentist | @mydentistindia
Vishal Bali Vishal Bali Chairman, Medwell Ventures & Senior Advisor - Healthcare, TPG Growth | @TPGCapital
Vivek Desai Vivek Desai Founder & Managing Director, Hosmac India Pvt Ltd | @HosmacIndia

Date : 21st - 22nd September
Address : ITC Maratha, Mumbai
Sahar Road, Next to International airport, Andheri East, Mumbai
Maharashtra 400099

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Mumbai Angels, started in 2006 is the first premium Angel network in India. The Mumbai Angels provides a unique platform to start up and very early stage companies by bringing them face to face with successful entrepreneurs, professionals and executives who are interested in and have the funds available to invest in start-up companies. Many members of Mumbai Angels have prior Silicon Valley experience. In addition to the capital of its members, the Mumbai Angels provides access to high quality mentoring, vast networks in India and abroad and inputs on strategy as well as execution.

Mumbai Angels provides its portfolio companies with a level of assistance that surpasses their highest expectations. Mumbai Angels network of relationships and their ability to leverage those relationships on behalf of their portfolio companies is unparalleled. Mumbai Angles members and their organisations have come to represent the ideal business partner for entrepreneurs who wish to start and

Standard Fees:
INR 12000 + Service tax (15%) per attendee

There are two ways to register:
1) Online registration: Click Here
2) Offline registration through cheque/DD
Download offline registration form: Click Here

Cheque/DD to be made in favor of:
"Mosaic Media Ventures Pvt Ltd" payable in New Delhi to:
Mosaic Media Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
A-83, Ground Floor, Sector -2, Noida - 201301
Ph : +91 120-4171111

Please attach a note with details of the cheque.
Name of the delegate(s), Organization, Designation, Address, Contact No., E-mail ID

You can also directly deposit cash, submit cheque or transfer online to our HSBC Bank a/c:
Account name: Mosaic Media Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
Account no: 499324051001
Branch Name: Noida Sector 18
IFSC Code: HSBC0110007

For Any Queries:
Write to
*The registration fee does not include any travel, accommodations or other costs incurred by attendees.

Cancellation Policy:
There is no cash refund in case you cancel the registration from your end. We will issue a credit note for an equivalent amount which you can adjust/utilise against any of our future events (under the validity period) if the registration is cancelled at least 3 days before the event, post which NO credit note will be issued. Please talk to Kanika / Shikhil for further details.

If the event is cancelled from our end due to any circumstances, we will refund the registration amount.

Substitution Policy:
Substitutions within a company are permitted through the conference date. Shared registrations are not permitted under any circumstances