Aamir Jariwala

  • Aamir Jariwala

    Co-Founder & Director, Karma Recycling

    Aamir is a Co-Founder and Director of Karma Recycling. Prior to founding Karma, Aamir was an M&A investment banker with UBS and Mitsubishi Securities across New York, London and Tokyo and a professional investor in troubled middle market companies in the USA. Leaving a cushy corporate life and choosing India with his feet, Aamir focused his entrepreneurial energies on alleviating the grim electronic waste predicament facing India. Using software applications to design product take-back systems for retailers and consumers, Karma has active consumer facing operations in 24 cities across India and is a go-to provider of exchange programs and trade-in solutions for organized retailers. A big believer in the concept of Karma, Aamir is an Industrial Engineer from Northwestern University where he was Ford Motor Company Dean Scholar.