Abhishek Kapoor

  • Abhishek Kapoor

    SVP - Strategy, Regency Healthcare

    Mr.Abhishek Kapoor currently serves the healthcare industry as Senior Vice President – Strategy, Regency Healthcare, Kanpur.

    In his career span he has been associated with PriceWater House Coopers, Ernst & Young, American Appraisal and Deloitte with the strategy consulting and merger and acquisition valuation practice.

    After acquiring his MBA degree he has worked with Davita, the largest Kidney dialysis chain, in the United States of America, before returning to Kanpur to assist Regency Healthcare in expanding and achieving its vision.

    Abhishek’s vision was to reach tertiary healthcare to every doorstep in U. P. His vision was to break barriers of the medical fraternity and provide the advanced treatment solutions that patients from U. P. had to travel to a metro to access for their diseases to be treated. This he dreamt would be possible with strategy and planning for expansion of Regency Healthcare to every corner of the state. But he recognized the need for advanced medical equipment and machinery, further investment in advanced diagnostics and most importantly, doctors who shared his vision and commitment to make India as disease free as possible.

    With new strategies put in place by Abhishek Kapoor, the group secured funding towards expansion and Regency graduated from Regency Hospitals to Regency Healthcare; grew in numbers also, to five facilities. Regency today provides a comprehensive cancer treatment; dialysis centre; is soon to launch a south Kanpur multi-specialty unit in Govind Nagar and is planned for an expansion outside Kanpur in the future.