Adhil Shetty

  • Adhil Shetty

    Founder & CEO, | @BankBazaar

    Adhil Shetty serves as the CEO of Also the co-founder of the company, he has set for himself an incisive vision – that of making the go-to brand for investors and loan aspirants – which is shifting the contours of how loans, cards and insurance products are consumed. was born in 2008 as the result of a frustrating personal search for a loan. Thus, they conceptualized a marketplace that made the process of taking financial products much more transparent and simple.

    Frustration turned into a multimillion enterprise in the eight years that has been in existence. Adhil credits a strong management team and a driven workforce for this unflagging growth. Adhil held decisive positions at Deloitte Touche Tomahatsu’s US East Alliance and Cisco Systems before he dived headlong into scripting the BankBazaar story.