Aditi Avasthi

  • Aditi Avasthi

    Founder and CEO, | @embibe

    AditiAvasthi, 33, more popularly known as ‘Chief Embiber’ is the founder and CEO of Indiavidual learning – a Mumbai-based ed-tech start-up.

    embibe’s evolution and growth stems from Aditi’s passion for education and her desire to guide aspirants of massively competitive complex exams (MCCE) to fulfill their dreams. The journey that led her to setting up embibe has been an enriching one. She feels that the biggest challenge in mass education today is the tendency to underperform or drop out because students are often unable to realise their true potential.

    An engineer herself, Aditi also has an MBA from the prestigious Booth School of Business in Chicago. She garnered experience in diverse fields such as marketing, product innovation and mobile commerce before setting off on the path of entreprenurship. She has headed top projects with globally-renowned companies such as Siemens, TCS and Barclays. While scaling the corporate ladder quickly, Aditi secretly continued to cherish her dream of creating something revolutionary for the education sector in India. In 2012, she decided to pack her bags and come back to India and do what she truly believed in, culminating in the founding of embibe.

    Aditi was recently featured in Fortune India’s “40 under 40”, March 2015, mentioned amongst the most influential young people in the country who are causing a true disruption through technology and innovation. This is a reflection of her success story and the significant contributions she will continue to make in the Indian education space.