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    This online platform has been in existence for more than 15 years.  We have more than 200,000 members using this resource.  There are currently 100+ suppliers/vendors selling agriculture related products and services in the online store

    The information on this website is available in print version in English, Tamil and Kannada.  We also run a mobile service that enables access to this website via a phone call.

    The portal is administered by the Vadamalai Media Group of Bangalore, India.

    Agriculture & Industry Survey, the flagship publication of the Vadamalai Media Group is now reaching  25 years of successful publishing.

    Our readers form the cream of the agrisector in terms of purchasing power and ability to influence the market trend.  The  magazine is  targeted towards each and every one engaged in agriculture activities which includes the progressive educated farming community, banks for whom agriculture is the priority sector, the Planning Commission,  Krishi Bhavan and most of the  government agriculture/horticulture departments across  India, agri universities, agriculture companies  and corporates , government libraries in most of the States,  foreign embassies, foreign investors, agribusiness professionals, financial institutions, consultants, exporters,  importers  and individuals.

    The magazine is sold in select newsstands in 200 towns and cities across India.​

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