Ajeet Khurana

  • Ajeet Khurana

    Former CEO, SINE/IIT Bombay

    Ajeet Khurana is the former CEO of the Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which is the business incubator of IIT Bombay. From starting two ventures as a solopreneur, to helping a large number of startups operationalize their go-to-market, he has never shied away from getting his hands dirty.

    In 2013 VCcircle rated him as one of the top 15 angel investors in India. Even before we met him, we were fans of his highly engaging writing on entrepreneurship.

    A computer engineer from the University of Mumbai and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, Ajeet has authored several books that are published by McGraw Hill. A purist at heart, Ajeet truly believes that entrepreneurs are driving change in the world, and need to be facilitated as much as possible.