Ambar Srivastava

  • Ambar Srivastava

    MD, Wrig Nanosystems Pvt. Ltd.

    An engineer to the core, Ambar is the founder and Managing Director at Wrig Nanosystems Pvt. Starting the company in a humble manner, Ambar has been successful in developing new technology products and products. He is responsible for various responsibilities at Wrig, including product development, strategic & financial planning and managing day to day operations.

    Before founding Wrig, Ambar had had diverse experience across various industries. He worked extensively in bioelectronics in different assignments and project in different research labs in India and overseas. During his technical assignments he has dealt with challenges ranging from controlling the placement of DNA nanowires to evaluating extent of corrosion induced by seawater microbes. Apart from technical experience, Ambar has worked with private equity firms and management consultancies. In his corporate assignments he has been involved in financial planning, valuation of various companies, development of business processes and designing business strategies.

    Ambar is a dual degree (bachelors & masters) graduate in Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology with focus on electrochemical immunosensing platforms (electrochemical biosensors), from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.