Amit Banka

  • Amit Banka

    Founder & CEO, BeeGram Business Doctors Pvt Ltd

    Amit Banka, a professional turned Entrepreneur, founded “BeeGram Business Doctors” - a consulting outfit with a differentiated approach. Establishing BeeGram, he has partnered with businesses in the field of Media and Entertainment, Agriculture, Food & Beverages, Technology and E-Commerce. Amit, a strategic thinker, brings extensive experience in running business operations and identifying business opportunities; engaging across business verticals, value chain and corporate finance activities.

    With an exposure to a wide range of businesses such as Agriculture/ Horticulture, Media & Entertainment, FMCG, Hospitality, Technology, Capital Markets and Financial services, he has spearheaded operations as Managing Director of Unilazer Ventures, a multi-faceted multimillion dollar fund based in Mumbai. Prior to Unilazer Ventures, he lead multiple business initiatives and functions both in India and overseas for various corporate houses, including Disney/ UTV Group, Essel/ Zee Group, Salora Group.

    Holding an MBA and a science graduate, Amit has led a distinguished career across sectors, identifying key trends and offering strategic solutions to businesses leading to significant value creation.