Amit Kapur

  • Amit Kapur

    Promoter, IIMT

    Amit Kapur is a promoter of an institute called IIMT.
    In this role as a promoter, Amit is helping drive the business development and marketing related activity at the institute, formulating and implementing growth plans including a new campus near Gurgaon and ensuring broad compliances.


    Before moving back to India in 2006, he complemented his electronics engineering background with a business focused work experience in US. Broadly speaking, his experience includes working as a chip design engineer at Intel, California, a business development executive at a mid-cap semiconductor company in the bay area and as a Technical Assistant to the CEO in a company called SMSC in New York. In this last role in US, Amit lead broad based business issues to completion.


    Amit holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Electronics Engineering from US an MBA from The Wharton School, Philadelphia