Amit Mahensaria

  • Amit Mahensaria

    Co-founder & CEO, Impartus

    Amit Mahensaria, Co-Founder & CEO of Impartus Innovations, India is an IIT Delhi and IIM Lucknow alumnus and has been associated with the education sector for more than 10 years, earlier as a venture capital investor as now as an entrepreneur.

    Through Impartus, Amit is bringing videos into mainstream learning; and thereby creating an impact for students and teachers alike. Impartus is a video platform for creation and online distribution of classroom videos and is a clear market leader in its space in India and has also expanded to Asia Pacific.

    Before co-founding Impartus, Amit worked as an Investment Manager at IDFC Private Equity and has led numerous education, infrastructure and technology projects in India and abroad. He is passionate about technology innovations and Impartus is his 2nd entrepreneurial venture in the ed-tech domain.