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    Area of Expertise: Luxury Design And Lifestyle, Architecture, Jewelry, Fashion, Accessories,Interior Design, Artistic Direction, Art, New Products, Prototype, Studio, Private Houses, New Material Research And Patenting, Villas, Culture, Living Design, Aesthetical Expression Product, Manifest, General Contractor, Style Coaching, Host Buildings, Consulting, Project And Building.

    Above applications are only a few samples for our creative talent, an international development, an agile structure, able to answer in real-time, with locations in ganglia of global creativity, provision of our creations is strictly sold-out. Prototypes collected as works of art.

    If you look for style, luxury, and timeless elegance for your brand:
    Andrea Ampelio Meli Has The Answer

    If You Are Looking For Luxury Timeless Creations
    Andrea Ampelio Meli Is The Answer