Anuj Srivastava

  • Anuj Srivastava

    Founder & CEO, Livspace | @livspace

    Anuj Srivastava is the CEO and Co-founder of Livspace ( Formerly, Anuj worked at the Google Mountain View headquarters (San Francisco Bay Area), where he led WorldWide Product Marketing for the eCommerce team, and in the past, led the product marketing function for Google Local/Maps and many other online ad products including AdSense and the Google Display Network. One of his more recent exits was ZipDial, a mobile marketing platform which was acquired by Twitter.

    Anuj started his career in the Silicon Valley where he worked as the Head of Product Marketing at Encentuate, an identity and access management company, which was acquired by IBM. Anuj grew up in India, went to school at IIT Kanpur, received his MBA from the London Business School, and has lived & worked across India, San Francisco, London, New York, and Singapore.