Bipin Preet Singh

  • Bipin Preet Singh

    Founder & CEO, MobiKwik

    Bipin is the founder and CEO of the Indian Mobile Wallet Major, MobiKwik. He founded MobiKwik with the vision to transform the digital payments landscape in the country, which was close to nil when the company started operations in 2009. Under his vision, MobiKwik has grown from a recharge & bill payment platform to the largest independent mobile payments network in India, enabling 50 million users and 1.4 million business to go cashless. The company was also one of the largest contributors in facilitating digital payments during the recently executed remonetisation in the country.

    In near future, MobiKwik will become the port of call for all financial services. The company’s vision is to become India’s most simple-to- use, large scale, financial distribution platform in the next 2-3 years through mobile internet technology by enabling Indians to make & collect payments, access credit, investments, insurance etc., seamlessly, instantly and at the click of a button. Thereby enabling low cost financial inclusion in India.

    Bipin has worn several hats at MobiKwik, from engineering to leading the business development, marketing, and advertising teams. Bipin’s immediate focus is to enable 5 million business owners and 150 mn users in India with digital payments in 2017.

    Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, Bipin spent 7 years as a Platform Architect at companies such as Intel, Nvidia, and Freescale.

    Bipin is an engineering graduate from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. At the age of 29, when faced with a choice to spend his savings on an expensive B-school degree from a top university in the US or use the money to startup, Bipin chose the latter. It was a decision that saw him making a difficult shift from hardware to software, learn programming from scratch and bootstrap his way to success.  Given his success as a seasoned entrepreneur Fortune featured him under the prestigious "40 under 40" list for 2016.