• Buzzmeeh

    Buzzmeeh is a one stop shop for all things mobile. All mobile users are potential customers for their business model. They provide an online platform to accessorize your mobile phone with a small but nifty collection of mobile accessories. An extension to this platform is their offering of spare parts for different types of devices. They have recently launched a buyback program where they encourage people to get maximum value for their old phones and refurbish them to sell them on their online refurbished mobile selling portal. The service comes full circle with their core business which is mobile mending, making them a home for all kinds of smart services for your smart devices. They started operations in October 2015 and have been on a steady path to become synonym to quality services in mobile repair industry. Few of their service offerings that set them apart from others are free pick up and drop of customer devices, providing a smart standby device to customer and several levels of quality check as a part of their standard procedures.