• Cloudnine

    A child is life’s greatest gift, and pregnancy is one of the most magical experiences nature can offer. The confirmation of pregnancy marks a new journey for the couple and overwhelms the family with an array of emotions and questions that are best answered by a reputed healthcare provider like Cloudnine, India’ leading chain of maternity hospitals.

    Dr. R. Kishore Kumar founded Cloudnine in 2006 to realize his vision of high-quality healthcare in India, on par with international standards. He pioneered this concept of maternal healthcare in India with Cloudnine – a facility dedicated to providing exclusive and comprehensive services in maternal and child care. As the Founding Chairman and senior neonatologist, he has been instrumental in securing the pinnacle attained by Cloudnine today. To his credit, he has worked only in teaching hospitals around the world. Among his many awards and accreditations is the honor of being felicitated by former US President Bill Clinton for his exceptional achievements in the field of neonatology.

    At Cloudnine, we not only offer the best in healthcare services to a pregnant woman but also focus on pregnancy being a period of wellness and not illness! The pregnant woman receives excellent medical care at the hand of our doctors, nurses, lactation counselors, Lamaze therapists and nutritionists set in a technologically superior facility that offers 4D scans, fetal anomaly studies, stem cell banking services, etc. The emphasis is to celebrate this journey of pregnancy by offering ‘Get Baby Ready Workshops’ like  baby showers, Management of Baby Affairs [MBA] workshops to the couple and ANC classes in a happy and caring environment.

    The organization’s vision is to effectively bridge the gap between Indian and International standards through a combination of clinical excellence, comprehensive care and an atmosphere of well-being, to ensure world-class standards in woman and child healthcare. Having celebrated over 44,000 plus births with a 3000+ strong team base of clinical and support staff, with 20 hospitals in 6 cities and a 500 bed base, Cloudnine Hospitals  is India’s leading chain of maternity hospitals.