Daykin Creado

  • Daykin Creado

    Chief Technology Officer, ItzCash

    Mr. Daykin Creado is the Chief Technology Officer at ItzCash Card Ltd and is responsible for establishing & implementing the company’s technology roadmap, strategy & vision. He comes with experience in running enterprise wide, transaction processing intensive, mission critical applications. Prior to ItzCash, he served as Vice President – IT at HDFC Bank Ltd running enterprise architecture, service oriented architecture and payment related direct banking channels.

    Mr. Creado comes with strong business technology experience. He has managed and implemented myriad of projects for direct banking channels such as core financial switching (BASE24), Visa/MasterCard/Diners/RuPay/NFS/Cashnet interchanges multi factor authentication, RBI compliance & mandates, point of sale merchant acquiring, e-commerce payment gateway, government payment and integration projects, UIDAI integration, e-KYC, inbound & outbound contact centres, PCI-DSS and many more. He was responsible for roadmap, adoption and implementation of service oriented architecture (SOA) as well as solution engineering and architecture at an enterprise level.

    He was also involved in a roll out of applications for managing on-boarding of customers for retail assets and various other business intelligence projects such as credit underwriting, 360 degree view of customers etc. Prior to HDFC Bank Ltd, he held roles at Sybase Inc and NIIT Ltd. Born and raised in Mumbai, he holds a Masters degree in Microbiology from the University of Mumbai.