Deepak Sahni

  • Deepak Sahni

    Founder & CEO,

    Deepak Sahni is the Founder and CEO of, India’s largest health test/diagnosis @ home service, creating an entirely new benchmark for premier service quality and honest prices, backed by innovative state-of-the-art technology.

    Being a start-up founder, Mr. Sahni’s chief responsibilities include everything that the business needs to scale and sustain in this highly competitive market landscape. He is fully responsible for the company’s complete Marketing, Supply Chain management, operations, HR and Finance.

    Armed with a rich and diverse experience in domestic and international healthcare marketing, Mr. Sahni realized quite early that Healthcare in India is primarily focused on illness and treatments of lifestyle disease.

    This prompted him to build a unique brand which pivots around prevention, monitoring and management of diseases and help people live healthy and happy by regularly monitoring and testing their routine health parameters. The core insight behind the brand lied in the fact that nobody takes care of their own health and all need a reliable support system which guarantees convenience, standardization, quality service, transparency and trust.

    Belonging to a family of entrepreneurs, Mr. Sahni is a serial entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience, having founded a Digital Healthcare Agency - SWT and was also the founding partner of HBG - a Healthcare Market Research & Medical Tourism company. He has also represented the country in the Medical Tourism Congress in US for three years consecutively.

    Prior to establishing, Mr. Sahni had a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures to his credit. He started his very first business venture at the age of 19 – a computer assembling business, followed by a Digital Healthcare agency. He has also worked with 120 renowned hospitals across the world gaining a vast pool of knowledge and business acumen.

    Under Deepak’s able leadership, is looking to expand within and beyond Delhi NCR, equipped with best-of-breed technology, highest quality diagnostics & wellness and a highly skilled team of lab experts, doctors, nutritionists and medical specialists.

    Fully understanding his social responsibilities, Mr. Sahni is committed to set up an establishment that can help underprivileged and needy individuals with free-of-cost medical tests and other allied services. Mr. Deepak Sahni is married to a technology entrepreneur and is a father to a 7 year old daughter. In his leisure time, he lives his passion for cooking up delectable authentic cuisines from across the world and go for fun-filled vacations every year. He has been awarded has Futuristic Face of Healthcare in 2009, Leaders Award for Social Impact Enterprise of Year 2015 and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016.