Deven Dharamdasani

  • Deven Dharamdasani

    Co-founder, Seventynine (SVG Media Pvt. Ltd.) | @79mobi

    Deven Dharamdasani, co-founder of Seventynine, is a high achieving digital industry leader who has developed and executed strategy across varied portfolios and myriad business streams. His strong brand knowledge combined with his natural instinct to thrive in fluid and challenging environment has governed his 15 year stint in the digital eco-system.

    Deven's entrepreneurial journey kicked-off at Quasar Media, where he was part of the founding team, followed by Blazar media which he co-founded and all through the span he was highly effective developing and cultivating deep relationships with top-level executives (CXOs) but also capable to interact and contribute at grass-root level (campaign managers, analysts). Both Blazar and Quazar were acquired by WPP group eventually.

    He aces at new business creation; from business plan development, hiring and mentoring talent, revenue, to market leadership. For the past decade or so, he has been deeply involved with efforts to drive digital marketing growth in the region through advocacy, education, and innovation.