Dharamveer Singh Chouhan

  • Dharamveer Singh Chouhan

    CEO & Co- founder, Zo Rooms

    Dharamveer is the CEO and Co-Founder of Zostel Hospitality Private Limited, the fastest growing firm in Indian budget accommodation space. He has a strong inclination towards technology and believes in internet’s ability to revolutionize businesses and empower ecosystems.

    Dharamveer is a serial entrepreneur and has tested various markets with successful business models. He started his first entrepreneurial venture at the age of 18 when he was still in his first year of graduation at IIT-BHU. The venture focused on building games around Cricket  called iplcricketgame.com. In the second year of college, he started his second start-up and hired a team to work on building applications on social media platforms called as Bright Ants Private Ltd. The company focused on building larger social games and applications. Its first game again reached to around 5000 users, but could not monetize and later shut down. Dharamveer went on to work with a German startup for 4 months during which he traveled to 11 countries and realized the huge potential in the Indian hospitality industry that had lacked innovation for years. Post coming back to India after his stint in the German ecosystem, he joined IIM Calcutta. During the early days of IIM itself, he along with his 6 co-founders had started evaluating the potential of the Indian hospitality industry and came up with the concept of Zostel which paved way for the concept of backpackers accommodation. While continuing to build on the success of Zostel, the team went on to build ZO Rooms, a premium budget hotel aggregator which is disrupting the multi-billion dollar short-stay space.