Dharmendra Rai

  • Dharmendra Rai

    Mind Map Trainer & Co Inventor, Freelearningresources.com

    Trained In Lateral Thinking By Edward de Bono, The Father Of Creativity & Nobel Economics Prize Nominee. He has a planet named after him !NLP Master Practitioner , Endorsed For NLP By Sue Knight One Of The Global Pioneers In NLP , Author Of NLP At Work. Conducted 284 Mind Map Seminars - Probably A WORLD RECORD ! Mind Map seminars done for Execs of Many Fortune 500 Cos , IITs, IIMs, Harvard Business School , Wharton Business School , Johns Hopkins , Oxford , & London School of Economics ( LSE ) Alumni. He Is The City Brand Ambassador of IIMnetWORK ! Founded by IIM Alumni. We organize seminars for professional development. Has over 600 Testimonials on his website Including One From A Guiness World Record Breaker. Probably the Most Endorsed Trainer In The World On Linkedin.

    "Dharmendra Rai' gave rise to over 8 Million Reference Pages on Google. Speaker at The World HRD Congress 2012. One of the Most Connected People on the Planet. He Is one of the most influential people in the world on Social Media. Member of Mensa International ( An International High IQ Society ). Appeared on CNBC, Times Of India, Business World Magazine , DNA , Zee Business and Channel V.

    15 Years Work Ex With Cos like Morgan Stanley, Alliance Capital. Last Position - National Sales Head , Benchmark Mutual Fund , Now Goldman Sachs. Joined the elite list of extremely rare human beings in the history of planet earth , who have been A TED x Speaker Not Just Once But 4 TIMES ! Spoke on Creativity & Mind Mapping & Invisible Selling . It was an honour for him to speak at a platform that has had Tony Buzan , Anthony Robbins , Ray Kurzweil , Bill Gates , Bill Clinton , Stephen Hawking , Richard Branson & Monica Lewinsky.