Dilip Asbe

  • Dilip Asbe

    Chief Operating Officer, National Payments Corporation of India | @NPCI_NPCI

    Mr. Dilip Asbe is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) since August 2013 prior to which he had been Chief Technology Officer (CTO) since inception of the company i.e. January 2010.He has played a leadership role in setting up and management of National Financial Switch (NFS) as well as Cashnet, the first and second largest Domestic Switching Networks in India having very high processing capabilities. He has also designed and operationalised one of the first real time mobile top up processing platforms in India.

    He has to his credit major achievements like setting up of entire backbone infrastructure for Euronet worldwide in Asia Pacific region and for Prizm Payments Services in India before joining NPCI. During his stint as CTO at NPCI, he has designed and operationalised IMPS (Immediate Payment system), RuPay (India's Own Card), Automated Clearing House (ACH) platforms. He has built high capacity platforms and strong team within NPCI, which is processing over 700 million transactions a month.