Dr. Pinky Anand

  • Dr. Pinky Anand

    Additional Solicitor General of India, Supreme Court of India

    Dr. Pinky Anand, a trustee of The Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust is a designated Senior Advocate and is the incumbent Additional Solicitor General of India. A Doctorate of Law, graduate of the Harvard Law School and an Inlaks scholar, Honorary Professor at Amity Law School, she is the second woman in India to have been awarded this high Constitutional Law office. A versatile multifaceted person, social activist, a leading lawyer in diverse fields, Dr. Anand’s accomplishments extend from legal expertise to media to politics to social activities. She has worked tirelessly for the cause of social development and has achieved numerous milestones in her endeavour be it for the development of the country, right of free speech, eradication of malpractices or the protection of children. The causes espoused by her have led us towards milestone changes in the legal fabric. Dr. Pinky Anand has been honoured with several awards for excellence in law and has led India in several international forums the BRICS Legal Forum.